Thursday, March 30, 2006


For the first time in weeks I actually enjoyed watching the programme last night...and not because the lovely Jo was fired but because there seemed to be a bit more of an emphasis on what was a real business task. I also hated watching it because I would have loved to have been there and think I would have had a good crack at selling some cars. I know how I like to be sold a car and I think I could have put it into good practice.

As it was, Ruth was shining last night. She was the only one who really seemed to 'get it' and it was a damn shame that the team she was on lost again. I do think that they should have divided the total sales by the number of people on the team as there is definitely an advantage in having an extra person there. Tuan has said (on the Internet Forum) that there was no advantage as there could only be two sales at any one time but while the others are sellinfg those who aren't could be doing something (even if it's just blowing up more balloons).

And my lovely friend Jo was finally given the boot. I do think that it was right that she went and I know that she won't be too mad at me saying that. I have the upmost respect for her though. She is the only one left who was really being herself. She took the bollocking from the salesman on the chin and admitted her mistake - something that other people seem unable to do. She had the guts to stand up and be counted when she knew that others were against her. Don't get me wrong, Jo can be tough to take sometimes but she is a good person with a huge heart and someone I am proud to know. There has been speculation that Jo will never be employed again but I believe she will be a huge success in everythng she does. Her father was amazing on You're Fired and said what all her friends and family were thinking (I'm sure).

And what of those who are left? It was almost comical to watch the winning 'team' (there is no 'I' in team but there seems to be a lot of 'me, me, me') move out of the boardroom as if they had just been told that they would being going to the bingo for their treat. It would have been really interesting to see how they would have performed as a unit next week but it is inevitable that they will be split again. I still maintain that certain individuals are faililng to actually do anything other than hang on the coat tails of those who are going for it. I don't know if SAS notices or even cares - only time will tell.

I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of Jo and can't wait to see her (next week at a charity gig for Ben's charity) and tell her what a STAR she is.


At 12:52 am, Anonymous KC said...

I find it admirable you bear no grudges. I like Jo and I wish she didn't have to go last night. But on the other hand, she should have gone on task 3 instead of you. All the best.


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