Sunday, April 09, 2006


Hello one and all. I am going to have to make this quick as I am currently taking my stockbroker's exams and am meant to be studying at the moment - you have no idea what a load of nonsense I am filling my head with at the moment.

I had a lovely day today when I went to the STV studios in Glasgow to do a morning news review programme - Sunday Live - with Stephen Jardine and Tommy Sheridan. It was fast and furious - in at 1000, read the papers and then talk about them at 1100. I have been stuck in a classroom in London for the last 5 days so wasn't exactly up with the news - I hope I managed to sound reasonably knowledgeable!

Stephen has been a great support to me and has recommended that I get an agent (something I never thought about). I will give it a go and see if there is anything out there. I am still in talks with three TV companies about possible projects so who knows what is on the cards. I have to say, I am not holding my breath and will keep on with the studies in the meantime.

I actually didn't watch The Apprentice this week on Wednesday! I can't believe that I didn't as I thought that I would never miss it this series but I was out celebrating my first exam success and couldn't persuade those I was with to put down their drinks for an hour between 2100 and 2200. I was gutted that Samuel went (even though I knew he was going to) as he is one of the soundest people left on the show and really has got a huge amount to offer. He made it clear that his skills are in presenting and selling to high level clients and he proved his worth in the advertising task - but Sir Alan clearly would rather have a Top Shop assistant than a top level negotiator. He was great on You're Fired - which I think always sorts the men from the boys.

Still not sure how Michelle is getting away with it....I couldn't believe that she survived this week as SAS told her that she was 100% responsible for what had happened. If you are 100% responsible then no-one else is to blame AT ALL. Have the laws of maths changed since I was at school? Syed gives "150% effort" all the time, he was "100% to blame" for the pizza task yet Alexa went. Can someone please explain this to me?

SAS was in fine form again in his Mirror column praising Paul for being charming with the ladies. I don't mean to go on but weren't the women thrown to the lions for similar behaviour in week 1? My mum phoned me when I was on my way back from the studios today to let me know how inconsistent it all seems. What is charm and what is flirting? Can only a man be charming? Is it the case that a woman is using sex to sell and a man is simply making best use of his 'talents'. Paul said he would marry about half a dozen women on Wednesday - that's pretty outrageous in anyone's book. Don't get me wrong - I reckon you use everything at your disposal (within reason) to achieve an aim but the man making the decisions can't seem to decide what he thinks is acceptable and what is not!

But enough of this - there are Regulations to be learned.


At 1:03 pm, Anonymous clanman said...

Well said Karen, SAS's one rule for the boys and one for the girls hasn't gone unnoticed here too.

He'll still keep hold of one lady for the final though, just to "prove" he isn't biased.....Ruth is my guess.

At 7:16 pm, Blogger Tropi said...

"Can someone please explain this to me?"

Oh dear, Karen!

Can ANYONE actually explain the vagaries of an overly testosterone laden SAS ego exposing itself on TV? LOL!!! Wait until they develop testosterTWO - that'll show him!

Got to remember that Apprentice IS a TV show and, in the entertainment industry, actually making sense is some (considerable) way from a faint priority, let alone a requirement, for the 'entertainment' of the common man (or woman)!!

You DO make sense and have done so since the very start. Cool, calm and utterly charming - an oasis of tranquillity among the horde of rampant, rampaging egos. None of which characteristics are, or can possibly be, appreciated by the 'bums on seats brigade'!

But I am certain that your too short-lived media appearances will attract great interest in other directions and will more than repay your efforts in the longer term - and probably far more satisfyingly for you and your family.

You could not possibly co-exist with such people, who constantly contradict themselves, yet are always 'right' - it would be the road to terminal insanity.

So it seems appropriate for me to sign off by quoting Kevin O'Sullivan's wonderful punch line of 26 February 2006 . . .

“I just feel sorry for the poor sap who wins”

You are a winner - the only one of those lunatics who most of us would actually want to spend any length of time with!

I wish you good luck in all you do and am certain I am not alone in that.

At 3:37 pm, Blogger andy said...


nice blog, just found it! i was surprised when you got fired, as good as im sure Jo is, i dont understand how she can ever hold a job. she's just so annoying (and totally unprofessional. what happens if you close a big deal and you have Jo across the room pumping fists and cheering like she just scored the winner in FA Cup Final?)

i think Paul's flirting was of a different kind. the girls in the fruit task were hugging and kissing people to get their way.
paul was using just words
then again my view is biased as im a guy. you need a hemaphrodite to answer this :D

samuel imo got booted cos he sucked throughout.

this comp is between ruth and paul. no one else is in teh ball game

At 11:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAS is rude and sexist and you're better off out of there!

At 6:49 pm, Anonymous Millie Dutt said...

I can't believe how I stumbled on this! I've yet to read fully, but looks like a fine blog you have here. I was such a big fan of you and almost boycotted the programme after you left - it was such a grave injustice! You were a fantastic candidate and I wish you all the best in your professional life, I'm sure it'll be way better than serving the neurotic SAS! Best wishes, Millie x


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