Friday, April 14, 2006


Thought I would take a break from the relentless studying and throw some words down! I have been stuck inside for the last week studying Regulations which, believe me, is enough to send anyone quite mad. As a result I have been clicking on and off the internet (and especially the Internet Forum) every five minutes so am quite up to speed on what the great posting public think of the series at the moment.

When Sharon was fired it seems there was little real response to her. The main thrust of things was how Syed is managing to cling on for so long. I don't want to say anything about Syed himself but I do think that it sends a really poor message to everyone, but especially young wannabe entrepreneurs, if the person that lies is the one that stays in. I would like to say that I have never lied but that in itself would be another one but there is a difference between telling your best friend that her bum doesn't look big in that dress (when she's already bought it, is wearing it and is about to go on the hottest date of her life) and blatantly lying about why you are 30 minutes late for a deadline. I have been in many situations where a deadline meant just that - whether it was tendering for local authority business or having to get court papers in - and there is no flexibility and if you cock-up you should have the honour and decency to admit it. You WILL get caught out in the end and you WILL look a bigger fool for it. If there is one message here it is that you shouldn't lie to get on in business and you don't have to. One of the things I learned in Officer Training was the importance of integrity and that is something which has carried me through my life.

Things have quietened down on the media front - as they inevitably will - there are still a few interviews and TV opportunities floating round but these things, it seems, take time to mature. I am happy to bide my time as there was never any really burning desire to be the next Kirsty Wark! I did enjoy my 15 minutes though and would recommend the next series to anyone.

On that thought I see that the application forms are already out for the next series. I would be very surprised if Alan Sugar does a third one. I don't think it is fresh anymore with him - it is just too obvious what his prejudices are and it makes the firings less interesting. I would love to see someone like Stellios have a go and really mix things up. For anyone thinking about applying I would recommend it 100% (or 150% if you are Syed!). The one thing to take with you to the interview, though, is yourself - what I mean is, don't try and be wacky or the next Jo (there is only one, believe me). These TV guys have seen it all before and they can see someone trying to play a part. If you are what they are looking for then you will make it - just be yourself - another bit of honesty!

OK - probably enough of me. I had a message from someone saying that the comments button isn't working on this site. If you have any problems just drop me a quick email and I will see if I can do something! (now that was a lie - there is no way I would have any idea how to do anything with IT but I know a man who can!).


At 1:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the subject of Syed clinging on, I have to say I suspect he's been planted there (a bit like Chantelle or whatever her name was). But Syed's role appears to be to wind people up with infantile ideas. I was flabbergasted when he survived last week's carnage. Best of luck to you!!

At 11:55 pm, Anonymous Jacob said...

You should write a book - How to get on in business - market it as written from an apprentice contstant - you obviously know your stuff.

P.S - Thought you were great in the of the nicest contestants of any reality show.


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