Thursday, April 20, 2006


I have just finished and passed my last exam and am now (technically only) qualified to be a stockbroker! It has been weeks and weeks of horrendous studying but the first stage is over. I have now been handed two HUGE folders of papers to plough through for the next 2 weeks to do my certificate in Financial Planning 3 and 4 - Retirement Planning and Financial Protection - YAWN!!!

I am waiting for the moment when I wake up and decide that I have reached all my goals and don't need to keep looking for the next big thing! For most a law degree and a career in the law would be enough - I would love to know what it is in my make-up which means I am never settled and have to keep looking - a friend told me it is typical of Scorpions - any other thoughts?!

Time is moving on and it will soon be time for the You're Hired show - I am so looking forward to seeing (most of) the Apprentices. We are planning a massive night out - so standby London.


At 6:57 pm, Blogger Ian said...

I'm sure many have told you this but the more the weeks pass the more it confirms to me that Sir Alan made a mistake when he fired you.
Good luck with the exams, I also suffer from a restless curiosity / desire to learn - over the past 15 years I have gone from an uneducated slob to a Doctor of Engineering. I am not sure if this is anything to do with star signs as I am a virgo (dragon). I must confess that now (aged 41) I am enjoying spending my free time with my boys.

Best wishes to you and your family.


At 4:02 pm, Anonymous Tuan "I'm Crap" Le said...


Congrats on the exams, but I wouldn't bother with the CeFA 3 & 4... I have them and a fat lot of good they did for me!!!

Went on some TV show, and got dumped!!!

Only joking! They're good to have in your portfolio of skills.

At 9:22 pm, Blogger CheekyChappie said...


Well done on passing your exams, I have had 3 years doing my accountacy exams which were hell but great to say I have done them and have that string to my bow!

Whats next now I wonder?

At 10:30 pm, Anonymous Sassy1 said...

Congratulations on passing your exams Karen and hope your success gives you a successful career ahead.

Interesting to read your blog and looking forward to more Apprentice disclosures once the embargo is lifted!

At 2:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scorpio? Nah. It's more that you have 3, possibly 4, planets in Sagittarius, the sign of wanderlust, learning, and law ;-)

(Mercury might be in Scorpio, depending on what time you were born. The other 3 planets in Sag are Venus (planet of fairness & justice), Jupiter (planet of law, learning, & travel), and Neptune - you were born as part of a generation that is restlessly searching for something outside themselves that they cannot seem to grasp, because it's actually inside....)

At 10:52 am, Blogger Karen said...

Wow - that is really strange. I have never been a big believer in this kind of thing until I met someone recently who, within 5 minutes, said that he knew I was a Scorpio from the minute I walked in the room!


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