Sunday, April 30, 2006


Hello all. I have been busy doing more of that horrible studying type stuff so haven't had a chance to write anything for a while. I watched the latest episode of the Apprentice through my fingers as Syed and Ruth carried out the most ridiculous idea ever for a service on a cruise ship. These people were 50+ (mainly) and I couldn't see how a backwards egg and spoon race was ever going to do it. I thought they would be destroyed for having a raffle (a service?) and was sure that was going to be the reference to reading the rules. The show was a bit weird as, again, there was no sign at all of Michelle or Ansell. Ansell did manage to jump on the bed and Michelle danced a bit but we didn't see anything else. It is strange that they are in the final 4 but there doesn't seem to have been anything shown to say why they are there.

Syed came across really well in his You're Fired even though I was surprised that the panel were so onside. It is normal for there to be one of the panel having a go whilst the other is a bit more gentle. This time it looked like they both wanted to get in his pants!! His interviews have been very good too - very measured and with a dash of self-criticism. I enjoyed listening.

I haven't been up to much. Had a great time as a guest at the Chamber of Commerce dinner and was asked to draw the raffle. Enjoyed a mad night at the St Andrew's University fashion show (two huge Magnums of champagne on the table with shorts of Absolute Raspberry vodka and no-one drinking but me - very messy). I have been getting some more interesting job offers and also got my first 2 hand-written fan letters. So lovely if a bit strange to believe that people want to write to me. I will write back but am loathed to send a signed picture (as requested) as it feels so arrogant!

I have been asked to speak at a couple of events over the coming months and am generally loving the fall-out from the Apprentice. I am also really looking forward to the 9th May when we all get together again. I am very interested to see the dynamics of the group as things will have moved on so much from the time when I was in the house and people were generally getting on okay! Will be an interesting night and, by then, we will have our Apprentice!


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