Monday, May 22, 2006


I have been a bit naive! I found out today that my seemingly innocent chat with a guy from the Recruiter Magazine has become a Scottish-wide story in a newspaper. I was talking to a chap who called Taylor Herring about the recruitment company who had got me set up with the job I had started in when I left the Apprentice. I told him that, sadly, I had been fired for the second time in as many months (according to TV-time anyway) and was no longer with the firm. I explained that they had said I was not a cultural fit (!) for the organisation and they had questioned my commitment to the organisation as I had so many other things going on in the background. I thought we were having a chat - we were, in fact, having a recorded interview which became a newspaper story.

I haven't seen the story so I don't know exactly what it says. I only hope it reflects that I am not bitter about what has happened. I am disappointed. This is a company which I thought I would do great things with and it was a huge disappointment. But everything in life has to be a learning opportunity. I am now qualified to do things I couldn't do before. I met some amazing people. Everyone I worked with has said how surprised they are and how understand why the decision was made.

It just feels like The Apprentice all over again.


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